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Guest information

Guest information


Unfortunately, the presence  of ants  is often  noticeable  in the  summer months. We do our very best to deal with this. You can also help us by not leaving any savoury items in your room.

Baby cam

The range for baby phones within the hotel is limited. We can offer a webcam with a link to a smartphone or tablet. These are available at our reception.

Bar Paal 15

Bar Paal 15 is a cosy hotel bar where you can enjoy a lovely drink after a (beach) walk. The bar is open daily from noon to 00.00 hours.

Batteries and chemical waste

You can deposit these at the reception.


If you would like to have a Bible for in your room you can collect one at the reception.

Bicycle rental

Bicycles and electric bicycle rental is possible at the hotel. Additionally, it is also possible to rent a E-chopper. For rates and availability please contact our reception.

Bicycle shelter

When preferred you can bring your own bike. We have a bicycle shelter complete with recharging facilities.


Breakfast is served in the restaurant.

Monday - Friday:7 am - 10.30 am

Saturday and Sunday:8 am - 10.30 am

It can be very busy between 9 am and 9.30 am in which case you may have to wait a while. We would therefore advise you to have breakfast either before or after these times.


You can check in from 3 pm on. Should you arrive earlier, you can park your car on the grounds and leave your luggage in the hotel. You are then free to use all of the hotel’s facilities.


Please vacate your room by 11.30am. If you would like to check out at a later time then please contact reception for our late check-out possibilities.

Children's playground

There is a children’s playground in The Olive Garden. Use is at your own risk.


If you happen to use the do-not-disturb sign on your door, we would like to point out that the cleaning staff finish their duties at 2 pm. They will leave a clean set of bed linen outside your door.


If you have any complaints or criticisms please inform one of our staff, or contact reception so that we can do our best to deal with and rectify these during your stay.


If you should notice any defects, please inform the reception. There may be a slight delay in the weekends.

Dietary considerations

We will be pleased to cater for your every need. Please inform our colleagues from the restaurant or the reception.

Disabled persons toilet/shower

There is a disabled persons restroom/shower situated in the east wing, adjacent to room 111 on the first floor. The key is available at the reception.

Near the swimming pool a disabled persons restroom is provided.


Contact reception or the medical centre. The medical centre is located next to the hospital in Vlissingen, on the Koudekerkseweg 88.

Tel: 0031 (0)900-1985 and/or 0031 88 125 4520.

You need to ring in order to make an appointment prior to visitation.

Dress code

Swimwear and sportswear is not permitted in the restaurant during dinner.

Fire instructions

In the event of fire, you will be warned via our fire alarm system.

The fire service will be contacted directly via the hotel’s alarm system.

Do not panic and remain calm at all times!

If you should notice a fire, please contact reception immediately, dial 456.

Follow the instructions given to you by the hotel staff.

In the event of a life-threatening situation, leave your room immediately and move as quickly as possible to your patio/balcony or towards the nearest fire exit. Never use the lift in case of a fire.

We recommend that you take a wet towel with you in order to protect your respiratory system. Avoid smoke-filled corridors.

Should the electricity fail, fire exits and stairwells are fitted with emergency lighting.

Should all your escape routes be unusable as a result of smoke, then do the following: close your door, open your balcony or patio door and alert the fire service to the fact that you are still in the hotel. Try to save, if possible, only your personal and valuable items.

The layout and construction of the hotel means that it has an optimal level of fire-resistance. The escape routes are short, all of the rooms have a patio or balcony.

The reception is staffed 24 hours a day. Upon vacating the hotel you will be assisted by the fire service and directed to an assembly point.

Is your hotel room located on the ground floor ? Use your patio door.

Function rooms

Our hotel offers 9 multifunctional meeting rooms, all equipped with air conditioning and day light. For more information please contact the Sales department.

Gift vouchers

Available at the reception.

Guest amenities

Shaving set, toothbrush set, sewing set, shoe-polishing sponge, hygiene sets and shower cap are all available at reception.

Ice cube machines

These can be found at various locations throughout the hotel.

Ironing facilities

Available at various locations throughout the hotel.


In case you drop off your laundry at reception before 8am, it will usually be returned within 24 hours. There is no laundry service on Saturdays or Sundays. You will find a laundry bag and a form listing prices in the closet in your room. The hotel is not liable for errors, missing items and/or damages.

Lounge @Eef/Foyer/the olive Garden/ Lunch/snacks menu

Enjoy a lovely drink after a (beach) walk.
Our terrace, lounge and bar are open as of 12:00 hours till 00:00 hours.

Luggage transport

On request, we will transport your luggage to your room. Please be informed that this service is not free of charge.

Method of payment

Cash or pin.


We do not send any bills by e-mail and/or post, all bills must be paid upon arrival/departure if not already paid in advance.


You can listen to various radio stations via your television.

Nespresso facility

All our rooms have a Nespresso machine with two different flavours of coffee. These are replaced daily. If you would like more capsules and/or more tea bags,, you can buy these at our reception.

Newspapers, stamps, postcards etc.

These are available at reception, along with other practical items and souvenirs.

Night porter

The night porter is on duty from 11 pm - 7 am. For any queries, please dial 9. The night porter will make regular checks of the hotel. Should the entrance be locked you can ring the doorbell and the night porter will open the door for you. Owing to safety considerations the night porter does not carry out any checks of the hotel grounds. Should you notice anything unusual, please inform the night porter.


During your stay (from check-in to check-out) you may park your car on the hotel grounds. We are not liable for any damage or missing goods either in the hotel or on the grounds. There are two disabled-persons parking spaces that you may use if you have an disabled-persons-card. Parking is free of charge for guests who have made a direct reservation at the hotel.


Pets are not allowed in the hotel.

Recharging points

If you have a mobility scooter or an electrically powered bicycle, you can make use of our recharging point specially installed for you in our bicycle shelter and at the hotel entrance.

Refreshments vending machine

Located at the reception on the ground floor.

Restaurant "bij Jules"

Lunch  Monday - Sunday 12.30 pm - 2 pm for à la carte lunch.

Dinner Monday - Sunday 6 pm - 10 pm for à la carte dinner.

We would like to recommend to make a reservation for dinner. Please dial 407 for our restaurant. The kitchen is open every evening from 6 pm - 09.30 pm.

Room key

Deposit your key in the key box at reception. For security reasons you will be asked to give your name when collecting your key. NB! The door to your room does not lock automatically, please ensure that you lock your room with your key.

Room service

You can order breakfast in your room from 7 am - 10 am. On Saturdays and Sundays from 8 am - 10:30 am. There may be a delay of up to 30 minutes if it is very busy. There is an extra charge as of € 7,50 per order for room service.

Room service can be booked by  filling in the form and hanging it on your door for collection before 1am.

Safety information

In Case of emergency dial 456.

In accordance  with the standard conditions of the Service Industry, our company cannot  be deemed liable for damage, loss and/or missing items with regard to any personal items in your room and/or vehicle in our car park. With regard to the possible activities of (specialised) criminals we would advise you to take the following precautions:

  • Always close the doors in your room (including patio and balcony), even if vacating the room for only a short period of time, doors with a turning knob must always be locked with a key.
  • Never leave your key unattended and never drop your key off at the reception desk, always deposit it in the key box at reception.
  • Do not leave any personal belongings on your patio or balcony.
  • Keep money and other valuables in the safe in your room.
  • Do not leave any valuable items (visible) in your car.
  • If you have misplaced your key, report this immediately to reception.
  • Never take your key with you when leaving the hotel.
  • Pay your hotel bills upon arrival if possible.
  • Make sure you have adequate travel insurance. Hotels are not insured for missing items and/or theft in relation to guests.
  • Every hotel room door is fitted with a door spring in accordance with local council regulations.
  • Do not interfere with fire hoses or extinguishers.
  • We strongly urge you (for fire safety purposes) to turn off the TV in your room when not using it, not simply to leave it on the “Stand-By” mode.


You will find a safe for your valuables in the wardrobe in your room.


Extra sheets, duvets and/or pillows are available on request. Please contact reception by dialling 9. Standard there are 4 pillows in each room.


As of July 1st, 2008, it is no longer permitted, by law, to smoke in this hotel. Non-compliance carries a fine of € 150,-.


Are available at our Reception desk

Swimming pool/sauna/gym

Take a dip into our heated swimming pool. 

Swimming pool
Opening hours:
Monday until Friday 7.00 -12.00 hours and 19.00 – 23.00 hours

Saturday and Sunday: 07.00 - 8.30 hours and 15.00 – 23.00 hours

Water temperature is approximately 26 degrees, and the pool depth is 1.40m. Diving Is not allowed and there is no lifeguard on duty.

In collaboration with our partner Bewegingsplein Westduin swimming lessons are given.

The sauna is open from 7.00 am till 23.00 pm and is free for our guests.


The indoor fitness is open from 7.00 am till 23.00 pm and is free for our guests. Persons under the age of 18 can only use the gym accompanied by adults.


Relax while enjoying a massage at Strandhotel Westduin. Please make your reservation on: https://bewegingspleinwestduin.nl/massage/.


You can call a taxi via the reception. It is also possible to make your own reservation by calling 0031 118 635 800.


You can ring other rooms in the hotel free of charge:

For rooms 1 - 9 first dial 20. For rooms 10 - 99: first dial 2.

For rooms 100 - 132, dial 100,101 etc. Outside calls: dial 0. There are additional costs for an outside line.

Tourist information/public transport/local information

Please contact our reception for any queries with regards to tourist information. They will provide you with all necessary information.

Waste paper

You can dispose waste paper in the bins in the hotel corridors.


The hotel offers free wireless internet. "Westduin WiFi". Password is “westduin”.


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