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Events in Zeeland

Zeeland is buzzing with activity!

Because Zeeland is buzzing with activity, there are events all year round. There's always something going on in Zeeland, whether it's sporting events, music and theater or going out for a dance event.
Every year, visitors from all over the country come to watch the beautiful films during Film by the Sea festival in Vlissingen.

The Zeeland Nazomer Festival brings theater and music to surprising locations, in the open air and in special buildings in Zeeland. Famous artists from home and abroad make this event always popular!

A sporting event on the beach is also a must in Zeeland with its beautiful coastline. Come and watch the annual Beach Volleyball Tournament in Zoutelande or the Zeeland Coastal Marathon!

Zeeland is the place to be for the best events and great nights out!

Strandhotel Westduin Zeeland

Hotel aan zee op 50 meter van het strand.


Westduin 1
4371 PE