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Unwind with us

The pure air, the dark nights, the quiet surroundings, the beautiful views together with the facilities we offer such as massages, our sauna, fitness and excellent mattresses will ensure that you return home well-rested.

Our service in the hotel is aimed at making the guest feel at home and accommodates the wishes and needs of the guest as much as possible. In addition, wishes and special preferences are linked to your guest profile, so that these can be taken into account the next time you visit the hotel. What's more, our staff are passionate about their work and aim to exceed out guests’ expectations.

Walking in Zeeland

Walking in Zeeland

The most beautiful walking trails
Walking is the best way to discover beautiful Zeeland up close. Zeeland has a walking network of 500 kilometers, so it's easy to map out your own route.
Cycling in Zeeland

Cycling in Zeeland

The most beautiful cycling routes
Cycling in Zeeland means optimal enjoyment of extended waters, wide-open polder views and discovering the most beautiful spots in the historic towns and villages.

Strandhotel Westduin Zeeland

Hotel aan zee op 50 meter van het strand.


Westduin 1
4371 PE