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Beaches of Zeeland

Swimming and sunbathing

With 650 kilometers of Zeeland's coastline, Zeeland is a true paradise for beach lovers. Zeeland's beaches are the cleanest in the Netherlands and with the most hours of sunshine in the country and a range of facilities on and around the beach, it's a wonderful place to be.
Zeeland's beaches are different everywhere, and that's what makes them so unique. There's something for everyone: how about natural beaches where peace and quiet reign supreme, water sports beaches where sports enthusiasts get their money's worth or family beaches where the lifeguard keeps an eye on things and the pavilion serves all kinds of tasty treats. In short, enjoy the Zeeland coast!

Dishoek beach

The small coastal town of Dishoek is known for its beautiful white sandy beach which, together with the beaches of Zoutelande and Westkapelle, is also called the Zeeland Riviera.  
Strand Dishoek Zeeland

Vlissingen beach

Without a doubt, the beaches of Vlissingen are one of the main attractions in the region. Traditionally, the Boulevard, the Badstrand and the Nollestrand attract many tourists in the summer months.
On these beaches there are special warning flags so you can see at a glance whether it is safe to swim.

Strand Vlissingen Zeeland

Zoutelande beach

The Zuiderstrand in the family seaside resort Zoutelande is an elongated sandy beach with wide dunes over a length of about 5 km. Zoutelande also has a unique promenade with beautiful views. 

Strand Zoutelande Zeeland

Westkapelle beach

The beach at Westkapelle is the southernmost beach in the Netherlands. The beach is about two and a half kilometers long and is separated from Westkapelle by dunes.

Strand Westkapelle Zeeland

Domburg beach

The beach at Domburg is especially known for its characteristic wooden pile heads, distinctive beach houses and, of course, its cozy atmosphere. 

Strand Domburg Zeeland

Blue Flag

There are currently 28 Blue Flags at various beaches and marinas. The international eco-label 'Blue Flag' guarantees clean beaches, good sanitation and waste facilities, bathing water of excellent quality, good facilities for the disabled and excellent environmental education materials. Water sports enthusiasts visiting a Blue Flag marina in Zeeland can also expect clean quays and clean water. All of the above beaches have been awarded this international environmental distinction.


The secrets of the sea wash up daily on the beautiful beaches of Zeeland. Shells, eggs, seaweed, wreckage and even things you don't know at all. A sea of discoveries! Beachcombing is a fun experience for young and old. It's great fun to wander along the water's edge and look for a beautiful treasure. The found things can be creatively processed as can be seen from the works of art in our hotel. 

Strandhotel Westduin Zeeland

Hotel aan zee op 50 meter van het strand.


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