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New opportunities

Contractor P. Flipse from Koudekerke bought the property, or at least obtained an option on plot 245 with a total area of 7000 m2. He signed a provisional purchase agreement with a safety clause that allowed hotel construction. On 20 May 1981, he submitted a plan to the Municipality of Valkenisse for rearranging the site.

It involved the construction of a new hotel cum restaurant with ten flats on the corner of Galgeweg and Westduin. Flipse also wanted to demolish the existing company buildings and build some 31 holiday homes in their place.  The municipal executive wanted to lend its cooperation to new recreational opportunities, but rejected his plan. The hotel was too close to the foot of the dunes and the number of holiday homes was too large.

Flipse contacted E.J.P. (Eef) Izeboud, manager of the beach hotel on the boulevard in Vlissingen. Izeboud was enthusiastic. ‘A damn good location, a beautiful location, I was into it immediately.' He set to work energetically and had architectural firm Wisse-Tuinhof-Slemmer in Vlissingen draw up a new draft design. The draft plans for the construction of a new hotel were ready as early as December 1981. The project cost about five million guilders. Izeboud started the financing procedure as early as 1982. After a long procedure, construction could start on 16 May 1983.

Strandhotel Westduin Zeeland

Hotel aan zee op 50 meter van het strand.


Westduin 1
4371 PE