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Walking in Zeeland

The most beautiful walking trails

Walking is the best way to discover beautiful Zeeland up close. Zeeland has a walking network of 500 kilometers, so it's easy to map out your own route. Through nature or through the historic cities of Zeeland, something for everyone!

You can start your walk from the hotel, for example over the beach towards Vlissingen or over the dunes towards Zoutelande. We have selected some beautiful walking routes for you. Put on your sturdy walking shoes and enjoy the wonderful Zeeland nature while walking.

Vlissingen by foot

This walking route takes you through beautiful historic Vlissingen in 1,5 hours. You will walk along the old Beursgebouw, to the dock of the boulevard of Vlissingen. 

During this walking route you will have a beautiful view of the large sea-going ships heading for the port of Vlissingen. Vlissingen is the city of naval hero Michiel de Ruyter and you will certainly meet him on this walking route! The beautiful MuZEEum is also part of this walking route. 

Vlissingen by foot


A walk to discover Veere

The walking route in Veere takes you on a one-hour walk through the special town of Veere. This walking route starts at the old town hall, dating from the 15th century.

After a visit to the town hall, you will walk via the "Scottish" warehouses to the Campveerse toren and the Kruydtoren which disappeared into the sea. Via the beautiful Onze Lieve Vrouwe Kerk you will walk through the picturesque streets towards the town hall again. 

Route walk through Veere


A walk in Middelburg city

This walking route through Middelburg takes you past the most beautiful spots in this historic capital of Zeeland. The walking route begins, of course, at the old town hall and the Abbey of Middelburg. Here you will also see the Lange Jan tower. During this walking route you will walk past the numerous monuments of Middelburg and end up back at the Abbey, where the Zeeuws Museum is also situated.

Route a walk in Middelburg city

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