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Meeting by the sea - half day

4-hour meeting packages

The 4-hour meeting package consists of:
  • All Day Buffet including coffee & tea of your choice, various thirst quenchers and sweets during the day
  • The plenary room during your meeting
  • Free Wifi
  • 1 flipchart and 1 beamer with standard projection screen
  • Name cards, writing materials, notebooks and trainers toolkit
  • Free parking for all participants
From €39.50 per person


The 4-hour meeting package with extensive lunch buffet:

From €52.50 per person

The 4-hour meeting package with 3-course choice dinner:

From €67.50 per person

All arrangements are based on availability.
Mentioned prices are based on a group size of more than 15 persons. 

Due to the current COVID-19 measures, the content of the package may differ from the information provided.




Strandhotel Westduin Zeeland

Hotel aan zee op 50 meter van het strand.


Westduin 1
4371 PE