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Gin Master

Learn all about Gin Tonics in this approximately 2-hour workshop. Get inspired by all the possibilities the Gin offers. During this workshop you will be welcomed by our bartender with a welcome drink.
Then he will enthusiastically introduce you to the world of Gin in the following way: 

Starting with a bit of basic knowledge: What is Gin and where does it come from. Then there will be a pure tasting of various Gin types, so you can discover your personal favorite taste. Next, we will be introduced to the important addition of Tonic, which Tonic will go best with your chosen Gin. Finally, with various additions, we arrive at your new, favorite Gin- Tonic!

​Price from € 24.50 per person, duration: Approx. 2 hours

Strandhotel Westduin Zeeland

Hotel aan zee op 50 meter van het strand.


Westduin 1
4371 PE